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Production AirBox

Newsroom production management and automation systems

Production AirBox provides content playout for News, Live shows, screens and video walls feeding, live production broadcasts and other places where video/audio content have to be displayed. It is designed to meet the high reliability requirements of broadcast playout.

Every modification to the playlist can be made during onair session for live productions! No clips become locked It is possible to trim or reposition every clip in the playlist. In fact, on – the-fly playout position can be modified with commands such as next, jump or shuttle. These changes are carried out smoothly without disrupting the running session of playout.

 For up to four individual players, one server can be installed. Each player will have separate playlist and control over the playout. It is possible to designate the four SDI interfaces as software or sample outputs. Production AirBox provides content playout for feeding news live shows, screens and video walls, live broadcasts and other places where video / audio material needs to be viewed. To improve the process, it is designed to address the high reliability criteria interfaces of the broadcast playout.

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