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Sonifex AVN-TB20AR 20 Button Advanced Talkback Intercom, AoIP Portal

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The AVN-TB20AR is a 2U rackmount 20 button version of the AVN-TB10AR with the same specification, but more station buttons allowing greater communication for larger facilities. It also has ‘GPI/O’ and ‘Phone’ buttons for remote control of external equipment and Sonifex DHY-04 telephone hybrids, useful in an OB truck or production gallery.

• 20 illuminated key-cap Talk buttons plus Listen & Page buttons.
• Phone button for remote dialling and control of an external telephone hybrid.
• Page button and Group Talk facilities.
• Callback button with callback source display.
• Three user definable buttons.
• Speaker & microphone mute buttons.
• Mic & headset inputs (front & rear panel headset connection), headphone & speaker outputs.
• Front panel volume control which operates on speaker/headphone outputs and incoming source levels.
• +48V phantom power for the mic inputs.
• Ethernet webserver and front panel control & configuration.
• Front panel display providing source & destination information.
• Sources from AoIP, 1 x balanced, 2 x unbalanced or S/PDIF digital inputs.
• Destinations to AoIP or rear panel balanced & unbalanced outputs.
• Advanced echo cancellation & mic AGC to prevent acoustic feedback.
• Dual 1Gb lan ports & 1Gb SFP fibre port.
• 10 user assignable GPIO ports.
• GPI/O button for triggering external events, via physical GPIO or network commands.
• Front panel LEDs for network audio presence, Talk activity, AGC activity, clock sync and power supply activity.
• Two front panel monitor buttons for routing audio directly to the speaker e.g. to take an IFB feed or off-air transmission signal.
• Ducking or mixing of inputs to speaker/headphones.
• Dual AC & DC power supply inputs.