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MAGIC ACip3 Audio Codec

Audio signal processing, routing and infrastructure

MAGIC ACip3 is designed as 19” system with integrated wide area power supply and provides optionally an external redundant power supply. Three Ethernet interfaces are available which can be used for Audio over IP transmissions, to control the system with the Windows PC software or to integrate it into a network management system via SNMP. The Audio programmes can – flexibly and freely assignable – be fed in or given out, respectively, via an analogue and two digital stereo interfaces.

The system supports the G.711, G.722, ISO/MPEG Layer 2, Opus coding algorithms and PCM 16/20/24 Bit in the standard delivery version. Optionally, the Audio Codecs can be upgraded with Enhanced apt-X 16/24 Bit, AAC-LD/AAC-ELD and AAC-LC+V1/V2.

One stereo programme is encoded in the standard version, optionally the system can be upgraded to a second stereo programme by software activation.

Two operating modes are available for the pure IP version: the system can be used for dial-up AoIP connections or IP Leased Line connections. In AoIP mode, the system can register at 5 different SIP servers and automatically accept incoming calls from this SIP server. Audio connections in IP Leased Line and in AoIP dial-up Mode can be established with the Secure Streaming functionality for a highly reliable transmission.

Via the Ember+ protocol 64 inputs and 64 outputs can be programmed, an easy communication between MAGIC ACip3 and e.g. DHD or Lawo mixing consoles is possible.

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