MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer

MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer

MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer

MAGIC DABMUX plus Ensemble Multiplexer


The MAGIC DABMUX plus complements the AVT DAB multiplexer family and offers the best of the Go and the Basic/Professional multiplexers. The MAGIC DABMUX plus can be used for small-scale solutions as well as for high-end systems: MAGIC DABMUX plus combines significantly more computing power with a simple configuration.

The device is realized as a 19“ x 1U system with integrated power supply and a redundant 12V power supply. The reliable signal processor-based system has three Gbit Ethernet interfaces which allow the configuration of up to three IPaddresses per interface as well as VLANs. The system also provides 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces and an SD card slot for further applications. Via a module slot, the system can optionally be expanded with an ETI E1/2-Mbit or a dual Ethernet module.

The system has a graphical, coloured display, but a more comfortable control, monitoring and very simple configuration is possible via a HTML5-compatible web browser.

Up to 25 program providers can be connected via external Audio Encoders. An installation of the Encoders directly in the studio avoids effectively an interference in Audio quality because of Codec cascading.

A highlight of the MAGIC DABMUX plus is its automated use in redundant headends. In addition, the system offers dynamic reconfigurations (manual or scheduled), an integrated PAD/NPAD inserter, subchannel extraction via EDI with simplified selection through analysis of the incoming signal, announcement support, service linking support, simplified provision of the program logo via SPI (EPG), audio encoder and multiplexer redundancy, etc. In general, all announcements (except OE announcements) are supported according to ETSI TS 101 756.

As a special feature, the Emergency Warning Break-In upgrade of DAB is optionally supported, which in addition to emergency signalling also enables the replacement of all audio content by an emergency announcement. This ensures that the announcement is audible even with older receivers.

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