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The Q866 Enterprise Internet Radio Transcoder is the perfect
solution to include a large number of streamed webradio stations
into your OTT and cable networks.
You can include virtually any radio station in the world into your
(local) cable network.

It converts up to 48 internet radio stations (Icecast/Shoutcast) into a
DVB compliant MPEG-2 transport stream.
The signals are available via IP (ethernet) or DVB-ASI.

Low power consumption and the compact design in industrynstandard dimensions (19“, 1 U) allow easy integration of the device into your infrastructure.
Our embedded technolody avoids time consuming updates and upgrades.

- no annual upgrades or maintenance required - „set and forget“
- transcoding of multiple internet radio stations into DVB compliant transport streams
- receives Icecast/Shoutcast streams (MP3 / AAC)
- high security - WAN port (for Icecast) is physically separated from streaming unit and management - no break-in from internet possible
- several compression algorithms (MPEG 1 Layer II, AAC
- compression algorithm can be set individually per radio station
- all bit rates are supported according to the respective standards
- 32kHz, 48kHz sampling rate
- Meta data Tags are converted into UECP data
- 2 years warranty
- By software license field-upgradable up to 48 stereo channels.