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Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

OTT/OVP managed service platforms

IMF support within CLEAR includes the ability to create deliverables for different platforms (Netflix, iTunes etc.) and specifications (like DPP) from an IMF package. CLEAR also includes the world’s first IMF Player that provides the ability to preview, playback, review and distribute over a streaming proxy a Composition Playlist (CPL) with all its essences including video, audio and captions. This enables collaboration and decision making in the workflow using proxies without having to necessarily access the original IMF package in high-res each time a CPL has to be played back. The IMF support in CLEAR is built using the product’s native Hybrid Cloud architecture that supports distributed workflows, and allows packaging and delivery of IMF packages from remote locations, public cloud infrastructure (Amazon/Azure) and customer premises.

Key Features

Ability to create deliverables for DPP (AS-11) and iTunes from an IMF package

Future-readiness with support for SMPTE’s upcoming Applications (beyond 2 and 2e) based on RDD 44 specification

Supports ingest of Complete IMF packages and Supplemental IMF packages

Provides users the ability to work with IMF Compositions created using any of the desktop CPL edit solutions (Clipster, Color Front, Gray Meta and Netflix CPL Editor, among others) over streaming proxies

Allows users to perform:



Upload (Complete Packages, Partial/Supplemental Packages, only Updated Essences)

Download (Complete Packages, Partial/Supplemental Packages, only Updated Essences)

Distribution of IMF packages (Complete Packages, Supplemental Packages)

Distribution of Rendered and Transcoded Output (Video Files instead of Packages)

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