Vos360 Saas - IABM Single BaM Product

Vos360 Saas - IABM Single BaM Product

VOS360 SaaS

VOS360 SaaS


With Harmonic’s award-winning VOS360 media processing SaaS, content and service providers can move their offerings to the cloud and quickly launch new OTT services, without investing heavily in infrastructure. Harmonic’s solutions support the entire media processing workflow from ingest to distribution, increasing efficiency and cost savings; provide elastic capacity to support new services or peak events; and offer pay-as-you-grow pricing, boosting monetization.

Recently, Harmonic enhanced VOS360 SaaS with channel origination in the cloud capabilities for file-based and live streams. These new functionalities provide operators with support for graphics, branding, and digital video effects (DVE) for both file-based and live workflows in addition to pre-existing capabilities such as encoding, encryption and distribution.

By adding channel origination capabilities to VOS360 SaaS, Harmonic is helping drive the transition to software-based and cloud workflows, allowing video content and service providers to launch OTT offerings faster, increase their operational efficiencies and reduce opex and capex.

Unique playout capabilities and benefits include:

Live and file-based playout: Beyond just processing of live streams in the cloud, VOS360 SaaS allows video content and service providers to deliver file-based content from clips and graphics that augment the live streams. With other key processes (i.e., traffic, billing, asset management) already integrated or present in the cloud storage environment, operators can deliver complete channels that are comprised of live and file-based content all within the cloud infrastructure, without the need for conventional playout solutions. This opens up new monetization opportunities for operators.

Streamlined control: Harmonic offers seamless integration for control systems in the cloud to streamline playout management. An API and user-based controls for the playlist enable users to manage channels, as needed. With the control system present in the cloud environment, users can focus their attention on other important tasks as opposed to continuously checking the playlist status.

Reduced operational costs: Service operators using cloud solutions for OTT delivery would normally perform playout operations on-premises (i.e., playback of video clips, graphics and branding) and send a live stream into the cloud, where they would then apply different delivery platform profiles for broadcast and OTT. Now that VOS360 SaaS includes playout capabilities, operators can run entire channels in the cloud. This dramatically reduces operational costs, because operators no longer need physical infrastructure on-premises. Pay-as-you-go pricing for VOS360 allows operators to realize ROI in the shortest time possible.

Orchestrated management: Playout functionality is built into the VOS360 SaaS solution. There are centralized services for management, profiles, tracking of user accounts, billing, DevOps, interfaces, and more.

Maintenance and monitoring: Harmonic’s VOS360 SaaS is fully maintained and monitored by Harmonic to keep services operational, resulting in better quality of experience for end customers.

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