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StormGeo Studio

Internet distribution platforms (incl. social media)

StormGeo Studio provides a low-cost and flexible solution for media outlets to create custom weather content. Developed with award-winning Singular.Live technology, the platform is cloud and subscription-based.

Key features and benefits:

  • Access to world class weather forecasting and data intelligence.

  • A cloud and subscription based software built with award-winning graphics from Singular.Live.

  • Requires no dedicated hardware or upfront investments.

  • Easily integrates into your existing SDI, NDI or streaming media workflows.

Workflow and easily accessible:

  • Built on common web standards.

  • StormGeo Studio API’s for interaction, templates and rendering capabilities are easily integrated into your workflow.

  • StormGeo Studio runs across all bowser enabled devices without the need for 3rd party plugins.

StormGeo Studio opens a lot of possibilities for publishers, such as on-demand weather data for over the top (OTT) playouts, adaptive graphics across different devices and the possibility to offer regionalized weather data to their users and viewers.

Leslie Kajomovitz

Product Manager Consultant for Media Production tools

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