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OpenTV Video Platform

End-to-end supply chain solutions

OpenTV Video Platform is the next level, operator grade, business centric, streaming video solution, that delivers dynamic sports, media & entertainment content, in the home or on the go, returning exceptional ROI through its content & services management console (OpCon). We have created a solution that can be packaged to excite consumers, keep them consuming, thus reducing churn & creating paths for revenue growth opportunity. A cloud-based platform for operational efficiency where disparate services can be merged to streamline operations, get the out of the plumbing and back to the business of keeping and growing subscribers. OpenTV Video Platform allows operator to design out complexity, in order to launchpad future innovation and build new and interesting consumer offers. Under the hood the analytically driven operational & business engines enable fine-tuning of content campaigns, content promotion, targeted advertising and video-commerce to develop the business offers. The (UI-UX) user experience and personalisation elements can be focus group trialled and if this delivers on the intention (e.g. increase VOD, download to go etc.)  and be implemented instantly on the fly. Choose OpenTV Video Platform to usher in the next level of exciting sports, media & entertainment consumer video services with a cost-effective, secure, intelligent, revenue generating, video streaming solution for your future.

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