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Radian Flex Video Wall Processing Software

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Setting up professional video walls has never been easier: Radian Flex Video Wall Software gives you the ability to display high-quality content from any source, across multi-screen display walls, in any creative configuration imaginable. As you add, move, resize and change content on the user interface, the same things happen on your video wall, distributed visualization system or other display devices in real-time. And since no proprietary hardware is needed, you save both time and money.

Share content quickly among multiple locations or divisions of large organizations for critical decision making and enable users to share live feeds, information and other content among video wall systems located around the world.

Manage and distribute video content quickly and easily without rendering. Resize to any scale, zoom, magnify and rotate content to any orientation you wish. Control content and the look and feel of your video wall from any location with remote access from one or multiple workstations located anywhere in the world.

Achieve greater impact with advanced image processing technologies, such as high definition video signal collecting, real-time high resolution, digital image processing, and advanced three-dimensional digital filtering.