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Software Development

Software development and integration services

Spicy Mango is a leading provider of bespoke media solutions and services.

Our customers told us that they no longer needed another segregated point product company, they needed a partner that was flexible, engaging and responsive to help solve the most complex technical problems that traditional vendors were unable to. Those little pieces of technology that deliver very specific and bespoke functionality.

Our approach looks to strike the perfect balance between the speed of time to market, and security, reliability and performance. Each package of work is wrapped with a detailed set of documentation and service provider grade support.

Our design and development services work hand in hand with your organisation to deliver exactly to specification, time and budget.

Over the years we have architected, developed and integrated everything from media transformation and authoring tools, encapsulation and encryption products, white label applications and portals, media automation tools, media data aggregation solutions and presentation dashboards, tools and adapters, asset and metadata management, and more.

As a natural extension of our technology consulting, our software development services bring functionality, features or integration compatibility to your technology platforms and products.

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