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Ateliere Connect™

Content data analysis

Ateliere Connect is a fully cloud-native platform for content servicing that centralizes geographically-distributed workflows, allowing content owners full control and visibility. It’s designed to operate natively in the cloud to scale up and down automatically depending on volumes and urgency. With Connect, content owners can efficiently manage and store assets, create versions, and deliver content to countless broadcast endpoints from one unified platform. Our proprietary parallel-scaling technology, made possible by the cloud, enables efficient and high-quality production workflows.

Connect is fully provisioned to manage workflows for over 100 platforms, which means every step can be handled within our platform, from ingest to delivery. End-to-end supply chain workflows can be completely automated with AI-driven microservices within Connect.

FrameDNA™ is an AI image recognition tool within Connect that scans multiple versions of content, identifies the frames that are similar and different, and automatically deduplicates the versions, allowing users to consolidate multiple versions into lightweight, nimble IMF packages. By running their content libraries through FrameDNA, companies have been able to reduce their overall storage footprints by an average of 70%. In addition, their titles are now ready to be rendered out in any localized or conformed version quickly and efficiently for global distribution to any platform endpoint.

FrameDNA works in tandem with Deep Analysis, a media probing tool within Connect that rapidly analyzes video files, identifies various elements, including scene changes, color bars, blacks, texted scenes, slates, and essences, and displays them on a graphical timeline view without the user having to watch the file back. For a 54-minute 2K HD ProRes show, this process happens in about 10 mins–that’s a time savings of 80%. Deep Analysis can also detect when subtitles overlap with on-screen text. The push to bring legacy libraries into global streaming services requires language/caption support in 26+ versions. All major streaming services immediately reject a show if there’s an issue with caption/texted scene overlap. The quality assurance task once only performed by humans is now fully automated with Deep Analysis. It can detect instances of timed text/texted scene overlap with around 40% more accuracy and 80% faster than manual QC methods.

Connect affords studios and post houses maximum flexibility under their control. Companies can choose the model that works for them–SaaS or PaaS– and use our modular framework to select only the components of the platform that they need. They don’t have to build an entirely new supply chain from scratch to take advantage of the benefits. Connect seamlessly integrates with existing partners and systems via a fully accessible API.

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