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Leader ZEN-Series LV5600 True Hybrid IP/SDI Waveform Monitor and LV7600 Rasterizer

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Leader ZEN-Series LV5600 True Hybrid IP/SDI Waveform Monitor and LV7600 Rasterizer

Accompanying image: Leader LV5600 showing IP display.

Introduced at NAB 2018 and supported by an expanding range of new features, Leader’s ZEN-Series LV5600 is a mains-powered SDI/IP waveform monitor in a half-rack width 3U desktop chassis with a touch-screen front panel display. It provides all the facilities needed to monitor UHD/HD/SD-SDI as well as video-over-IP signals seamlessly in a hybrid operating environment. Engineering related features include test pattern generation, eye pattern display, closed caption monitoring, CIE color chart, high dynamic range measurement, focus assist, customisable screen layout, tally interface, 4K/UHD operation, 10G IP input and 12G-SDI interfaces. SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2022-7 and SMPTE 2110 protocols are all supported. The LV5600 also incorporates Leader’s intuitive Cinezone and Cinelite which are familiar to many content production staff.

The ZEN-Series LV7600 rasterising waveform monitor offers the same capabilities as the LV5600 but in a low-profile 19 inch 1U form-factor for easy rack or desk mounting.

Enhanced IP measurement for the LV5600 and LV7600 provide nine extra tools for the video over IP measurement function specified in SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2022-6:

1: Buffer measurement based on SMPTE ST 2110-21.2; Packet error and packet jitter insertion to the IP test signal generator; 3: Addition of lip-sync test pattern to the SER32 option; 4: IP to SDI conversion insertion of payload ID; 5: Simultaneous display of ports 1 and 2 packet jitter and PTP measurement; 6: Event log displayed in PTP time; 7: PTP grand master clock information is displayed from the PTP announcement message; 8: Graph data such as packet jitter and PTP are output as a CSV file; 9: Audio and ANC can also be displayed on the ST 2110 packet jitter graph. The toolset is available as a freely downloadable upgrade.

Enhanced measurement of SDI has also been introduced for all five models in the ZEN series. The SDI measurement function specified in 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI now provides two new extra tools. First of these is a BT.709-compatible vector scope scale. UHDTV (ARIB STD-B66) and HLG color bars (ARIB STD-B67) contain BT.2020 and BT.709 colors. A scale has been added to allow the vector coordinates of BT.709 color bars to be checked easily. This feature is intended for use in BT.2020 and BT.709 video content production. Second of these two new features is enhanced support for EIA-708/608 close-caption data in 4K, with support for both 3G-SDI quad-link and 12G-SDI. This too is available as a freely downloadable upgrade.

Like all models in Leader’s ZEN series, the LV5600 and LV7600 can decode and display Sony SR Live Metadata. The following information can be decoded and displayed: Table Version, OETF, Transfer Matrix, Color Gamut, Conversion Mode, HDR Look, HDR Black Compression, SDR Gain, Master Black, HDR Black Offset, Gamma Table, Gamma Step, Gamma Level, Knee, Knee Point, Knee Slope, Knee Saturation, Knee Saturation Level, Soft Knee, Knee Radius, SDR White Clip, SDR White Clip Level, HDR Knee, HDR Knee Point, HDR Knee Slope.

Option SER06 SER06 is a 25 GbE single-mode video-over-IP / multi-mode fibre IP interface module which provides full conformance with the SMPTE 2110 standard for transmitting 4K content in a non-compressed format via Ethernet at up to 25 gigabits per second.

Option SER31 provides enhanced measurement of 12G/6G/3G/HD-SDI. This module allows operators to check chroma levels beyond the BT.709 or DCI-P3 gamut. It simplifies the task of identifying the reproduction errors which can occur when transmitting video content produced in BT.709, DCI-P3 or BT.2020 wide color gamut or when converting content from BT.2020 to narrow color gamut. With the colorimetry zone feature switched on, chroma signals exceeding the legal gamut are made immediately apparent using a false-color substitute.

Option SER32 is an IP test pattern generator module which can produce HD and 3840 x 2160 UHD test signals for delivery via SMPTE ST 2110-20/30/31/40 IP. IP channel stress testing can be performed by adding jitter and errors to IP packets. A network synchronisation mode allows PTP-synchronised video and audio test signals to be generated.

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