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Digital Packaging and Delivery

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CLEARTM Media ERP Suite provides end-to-end workflow orchestration for digital packaging and delivery – right from content ingest to final delivery.
Here’s what we offer:
 An automated process, using an extensive data model to create packages, transcode in multiple formats and deliver to
different OTT platforms
Over 450 ready-to-deploy preset robots for broadcast and new
media publish
 Support for all OTT related services, including digitization, QC,
image enhancement, localization, cataloging, metadata
creation and transcoding
 Stringent quality control using a combination of manual and
auto QC
 Supply chain management using ONE system
 Data-led mastering
 High end tools for QC and transcoding
 Compliance Data Model: A fast and accurate solution to fulfill different compliance regulations
 A DMS CoE (Digital Media Services Centre of Excellence) with over 20 people working on packaging and delivering content
across multiple formats and devices
 Strong Cloud MAM with BPM (business process management)
 Onboarding: we get it right the first time
 Over 17 years of rich experience in digitization, QC and
 A proven background with over 10 MN assets published to new media annually