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Cinegy Convert

File transfer and delivery

Cinegy Convert is Cinegy’s server-based transcoding and batch processing service. Designed to function like a network-based print server, it can be used to perform repetitive export and conversion tasks by “printing” material to pre-defined formats and destinations in any Cinegy Desktop through a simple drag-and-drop operation. Processing is performed on a specified Cinegy Convert server that acts as a print queue/spooler, processing tasks in order. By automating repetitive tasks, Cinegy Convert saves time that can be applied to more important activities. It is an ideal tool for exporting material in different formats and for integration with third-party NLE systems. Cinegy Convert can run stand-alone or directly integrate with the Cinegy Archive MAM using the Cinegy MAM Plugin, which can be bought separately. Cinegy Convert is licensed per Convert Agent. Cinegy Convert comes with four Convert Agent and Cinegy Convert PRO with eight. Each Convert Agent handles one Convert job at a time. The more powerful a machine the more Convert jobs it can handle simultaneously.

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