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Simplylive MMR Live Streaming and USB Recorders

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MMR 110 & 410Versatile Multi-function RecordersThe MMR 110 and 410 are the most versatile, multi-purpose recording, duplication and steaming systems in the industry. For those that are still making copies of programs onto DVD and SD cards, MMR allows you to retire those legacy devices with a recorder that will copy your programs on up to 10 USB drives in one pass utilizing standardized low bandwidth compression.   That’s just the beginning of what the MMRs can do. You can send programs to your Network Attached Storage or FTP sites at the same time as you are making your dubs. You can even stream directly to web from the MMRs in standard protocols. Like all Simplylive products, the user interface is so easy to operate that anyone can start using MMR within minutes.  Simply plug in a monitor and you are ready to go. All this adds up to your people not wasting their time on duplication and you saving money.