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Deluxe One

End-to-end supply chain solutions

Designed to address the needs of a new entertainment era marked by more content going more places, Deluxe One is a cloud platform for modern content that unifies our Hollywood-tested, end-to-end products and services – from content acquisition and title and asset management, to localization, distribution, and OTT playout – and integrates them with all your workflows through a single, intuitive interface. With Deluxe One, you can integrate your systems and vendors via Deluxe One’s open API architecture and can then seamlessly move content through Deluxe’s micro-services (or those of our partners) that are now all connected in the cloud, unifying what was once a fragmented media supply chain. A window into your content, Deluxe One’s gives you total visibility into your workflow, tracking content from lens to living room. What this means for you, and the industry as a whole, is that content can now reach global audiences faster, simpler and more reliably, than ever before.

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