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KSC SILKNET orchestrates and monitors devices of different manufacturers in IP based audio and video infrastructures. The system integrates solutions for demands of the broadcast world into the “Software Defined Networking” IT world and facilitates a safe and intuitive handling of production, distribution and contribution networks. KSC SILKNET uses a hardware abstraction layer to support all relevant standard and proprietary protocols. This creates the ability to integrate switches and edge devices of any brand into the system.

Settings such as network service types, protection mode, switching method and more can be chosen in KSC CORE without the need to statically configure them. Even managing devices and their parameters as well as transferring them to KSC SILKNET is made possible. Configuration of KSC SILKNET as well as monitoring the IT infrastructure is done via a web-based application. Connection management of network services is also possible through the KSC SILKNET GUI, without using the broadcast control system.