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GB Labs Hyperspace

Storage management

There is no other product on the market that manages the relationship between spinning disks and solid state drives (SSD) like HyperSpace. HyperSpace marries the two seamlessly and ensures the ultimate performance from both simultaneously.Unlike other products on the market, HyperSpace has been specifically designed for media and entertainment workflows. Built-in intelligence constantly monitors, learns and adapts to users behaviour. Clever algorithms optimise system performance close to that of a pure SSD solution. Adding a HyperSpace to your workflow immediately and dramatically improves performance.This next generation disk acceleration cleverly optimises the use of the SSD layer by maximising efficiency at all times. This efficiency ensures you never compromise on performance, unlike cache-based systems.These elements come together to offer you up to 800% more performance from spinning disks and at a fraction of the cost of a pure SSD system. Coupled with robust RAID6 protection for all data, at all times makes this an extremely secure solution that offers you complete peace of mind.

Another huge benefit of this solution is that both the SSD and HDD layers are independently expandable. This dynamic expansion also allows you to increase capacity or performance with data intact. The system effortlessly manages itself when more storage is added and you simply keep working.

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