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Dalet Flex

Linear and non-linear scheduling

The demands for first-to-market video content, at the highest quality and lowest cost, are exploding. Are you prepared to keep up? To help you respond, Dalet offers Dalet Flex. It will unlock your content supply chain and revolutionize the way your content is produced, distributed and monetized throughout its lifespan.

For those involved in Monetizing Content, the task of delivering top quality content has never been more pressurized. You have to source the highest quality content from multiple providers, process it and deliver it to multiple platforms, geographies and on tighter schedules and ensure you are maximizing revenues for that content. How can this be achieved without increasing resources?

Dalet Flex can orchestrate and optimize the entire process. It can leverage your existing investments in best of breed technology, integrating business units and removing error-prone manual tasks. Become more productive, deliver more content, quicker, driving increased revenues and reduced costs.

The core of the platform handles the metadata, orchestrates workflows, and collects analytic data. It’s enhanced with native applications and our open APIs integrations to key best-of-breed partners.

The result: powerful workflows, driven by metadata and easy to create and maintain using the visual Workflow designer. Each individual piece of content is delivered to the right audiences, on the right platform, and the best time to ensure business returns.

With Dalet Flex you can configure delivery packages that ensure the right parameters are set for each endpoint, such as correct subtitles, multiple language audio tracks, relevant metadata, resized images and correct video resolutions. Easily create the monetization platform that brings more customers and keeps them, whether that is advertising, subscription, transactional or a combination of all of these. Combine this automation with actionable insights and make informed decisions quickly on which content to deliver next to drive more revenue.

Key Benefits

One-stop-shop to manage, publish and syndicate your content.

Monetize new and archived content easily through subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads or all three.

Protect your existing investments in best of breed solutions by integrating them through a single platform.

Manage and deliver engaging Live and VOD Content at the right place and the right time

Make business-driven decisions based on real-time analytics.

Dalet Flex helps you meet the goals of modern distribution: to deliver more quality content, to more audiences and channels, driving more revenue without spending more resources. Automated workflows will reduce the driven by the deep metadata that only Dalet Flex can provide.

Join the connected content supply chain revolution – video your way

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