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Actus Clip Factory PRO

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Clip Factory Makes Content Repurposing Fast and Easy 

Being able to publish content as fast as possible to new media platforms, integrate with social media, OTT platforms, and leverage the benefits of AI is becoming an increasingly important requirement today for media companies. The content repurposing workflow has to be simple and fast.

Actus Digital’s Clip Factory clips creation workflow offers a simple web browser interface for creating and exporting clips, enabling content repurposing from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Clip Factory ensures that all content is exported fast, whether it’s done manually or automatically. With Clip Factory, media companies no longer require a special workstation or professional editors. From a simple workflow the user can edit the clip with multiple mark in/out, add dynamic metadata, add effects like logo, blur, mute, animations, etc, transcode to any format or integrate with existing transcoding farms, and export directly to social media. Different automation options are available such as pre-defined rules for clips or automation based on metadata and AI.