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Utelly Universal Search Engine

Content and metadata packaging

The real challenge lies in developing a search engine you won’t need to constantly rewire to match your audience’s changing viewing habits and demands.

What we provide instead is a ready-to-use, comprehensive search engine built with OTT media providers in mind and with a UI to rival Netflix’s, to retain your existing users and attract new ones by supercharging your search functionality. A competitive Pay TV search engine should, consequently, be able to handle millions of customized queries, many of which are mired with partial matches, spelling errors, and unexpected synonyms. Utelly’s search engine handles even the most unpredictable queries with relative ease. Highly specific searches, such as for actors or genres, result in relevant answers every single time. Don’t just take our word for it though – our incredibly flexible search engine is popular with both boutique domestic and multinational OTT providers grossing billions in revenue.

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