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Centralization — CLEAR Ingest and Distribution

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CLEAR Ingest & Distribution provides ONE
software to simplify end-to-end workflows for
Satellite and Terrestrial distribution. It integrates
and automates ingest, prep, QC and distribution
workflows, while providing real time dashboards
and notification alerts to operations teams. The
solution enables users to review proxies of the
content moving through the system, as well as
manually transfer content to local affiliates via
Signiant, Aspera or similar file transfer utilities.
Leveraging CLEAR’s in-built Business Process
Management (BPM) engine, it automates file
processing and generates real time dashboards
to drive underlying distributed workflows within
ONE user interface. CLEAR Ingest offers
extensive interoperability and comes
pre-integrated with systems like PitchBlue,
CatchBlue, IDC-XD, CompuSat and Nexio.