Promo Operations - IABM Single BaM Product

Promo Operations - IABM Single BaM Product

Promo Operations

Promo Operations


Promo Operations, a module of CLEARTM Broadcast Cloud, offers a

never before functionality to automate the entire promo

operations workflow. It provides end-to-end process orchestration

for promo creation through delivery including automation of

rendering of versions, thereby enhancing efficiencies and reducing


Features of Promo Operations Module:

 Work order administration for the entire promo creation and delivery workflow, including versioning

 End-to-end workflow orchestration using a BPM-based workflow engine, ensuring seamless integration with the BMS

 A simple grid-based interface to define promo work orders for creative and versions of promos. Extended ability to import and export work orders from MS Excels and BMS

 Review/Approve tools to support collaboration during the promo creative development process

Tracking and content logistics for various versioning elements

and track receipts of various media materials for versioning

 An administration module that lets you configure the

following for a versioning ‘template’:

o Audio files from multiple sources (for different languages

etc.) in Stereo/5.1

o Begin and End Pages

o Text elements in different languages with UTF (Unicode

Text Format) support

o Effects and transitions for text and images

o Sponsorship logos

o Layer groups to handle combinations of ‘Text’, ‘Image’ and

‘Video’ elements

 A versioning appliance that allows to ‘render’ promo versions for the creative automatically. This is based on pre-configured, metadata driven dynamic versioning templates that can be assigned while defining work orders.

o The appliance triggers jobs on Adobe® After Effects and Adobe® Premiere Pro CC to render all the different versions based on the template definition

o Provides options for multiple template selection, facilitating easy cross channel promotion and changes in branding

 A promo process monitoring dashboard that provides a progress view across all stages of the promo lifecycle

Standard library functions like search, preview, publish to various distribution outlets, including new media and social networks etc.

 Ability to preview promos prior to play-out, along with a timeline view

 Text Support: Extensive text rendering capabilities for multiple languages and special characters like New Line, Superscript, Subscript

 Image support: Ability to squeeze, re-center and re-position images and videos

 Ability to dynamically resize and position sponsorship logos using metadata

 Automatic generation of daily/weekly/monthly reports based on the number of promos created and played out

 Dynamic/automated mixing of voice over tracks

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