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ANEMAN Enterprise

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ANEMAN Free Version established the idea of an audio management tool that could be multi-platform and multi-vendor. There is a clear need for an intuitive and informative method of configuring the network, monitoring the performance and to store and recall settings. The Enterprise version is building on these basics but with the idea to control much larger networks that might require a degree of customisation and ongoing support. Enterprise is a web service operating 24/7 on your network, logging events and alerting errors. Extensive metrics allow the user to track and fix problems very easily. It is designed for multi-user operation with the option to add levels of security management. In fact the system administrator can segment the network into zones with individual access rights.
Merging Technologies can offer network and integration design, custom developments for specific widgets and workflows and custom development of ANEMAN to include additional devices, company personalisation and discovery protocols. The company is very open to suggestions and specific user requests.