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SMART Media Delivery Platform

Fiber and private IP connectivity

Artel’s SMART Media Delivery Platform™ is the conduit to simplifying the convergence of IT and broadcast ecosystems. As a base platform supporting native IP media delivery, the SMART platform’s architecture provides feature flexibility and future functional expandability via software download. By using the latest networking and processor technology the SMART Media Delivery Platform has achieved a high level of integration and the agility to navigate media through next-generation networks.

•Integrated Switching Capability – A non-blocking layer 2/3 switching and routing engine has been incorporated into the SMART platform to interface with the network eliminating the need for an external switch or router. The integrated switching capability allows for deep packet inspection, traffic management, flow control, protection switching, and link aggregation that can be easily configured through an SNMP interface.

•Control and Management – Simplifying the migration to an IP infrastructure, the SMART platform’s control and management interface allows the ease of integration, operation, problem detection and isolation.

•Designed for Service Provider and Broadcast Networks – The SMART platform is designed to support transport and data services, and broadcast network video, audio, and IT network applications. With a single module, multiple ports of media may be aggregated and injected into the network without the need for different physical elements. The SMART supports SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless switching, VLAN tagging, QoS, and traffic management. These functions along with greater port density drastically reduces power consumption, size and cost.

•Software Defined Functionality – The migration to IP has increase the need for more agile solutions. The SMART platform is designed to update functionality and add new applications via software download providing a solution to manage multi-platform content delivery.

The SMART Media Delivery Platform’s small footprint, true data networking and transport versatility, software-defined functionality, and high density opens up new opportunities for media transport and broadcast applications and allows for a seamless transition as IP networks evolve.

A finalist for the 2018 IABM BaM Awards in the Connect category, the SMART Media Delivery Platform™ is a carrier-grade, software-defined platform with integrated nonblocking Layer 2/3 switching and routing capabilities. Designed to attach seamlessly to the IP network without the need for external network elements, the SMART platform supports SMPTE ST 2022: 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 hitless switching; QoS; VLAN tagging; and traffic management. The platform features four video ports for transport of video, audio, and ancillary data and four GigE data ports bridged to a 10G interface. The SMART solution is software-enabled, providing an easy and efficient platform for adding or upgrading functionality via software download.

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