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Direkt Receiver

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Easy Configuration

Direkt receiver is easy to configure from the keypad and the web interface. It is robustly constructed with few moving parts.

Standard Features

  •  Easy to configure via display and keypad

  • Can be controlled via web interface over network

  • Peak Programme Meter (PPM) for calibration of sound level

  • ISS – Intinors system for statistics, supervision and troubleshooting

  • Backup settings and upgrade software via web interface or ISS

  • Can receive video streams from a number of different units

  • Black burst sync in

  • Automatically detects whether streams are MPEG2 or H.264

  • Select output format via web interface – PAL, NTSC or HD

  • Automatically scales input streams into selected output format

  • Test picture can be customized

  • Management via IP2 (secondary network interface)

  • BRT™ (Bifrost Reliable Transport)