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MediorNet MicroN

Modular interfacing and signal processing

MicroN, an 80G media distribution network device for Riedel Communications’ MediorNet line of real-time media networks, makes it easy and economical for broadcasters to adapt their fiber-based signal transport systems to accommodate the mix of signals and variety of processing functions required by current and future operations.

The newest addition to the MediorNet family, the MicroN provides a highly versatile signal interface that can be used in productions of every size and complexity. In a compact 1-RU form factor ideal for rack-mount applications, MicroN features eight 10G high-speed SFPs, 24 3G-SDI video, two MADI, Gigabit Ethernet, and integrated routing and sync reference I/Os. Built-in video and audio processing capabilities include automatic format detection, a frame sync and framestore on all video outputs, a 16-channel audio embedder/de-embedder, a test pattern generator, on-screen and system VITC displays, an integrated sample-rate converter, and audio/video delay lines.

MicroN is software-defined hardware so can take on several different purposes through the use of apps. Current apps included standalone signal processor, point-to-point transport, decentralized routing, MultiViewer, and IP Gateway.

In large MediorNet networks, MicroN can serve as a breakout box for a Riedel MetroN core fiber router. Working seamlessly with the MediorNet MetroN, MicroN can extend connectivity beyond the fiber I/Os to any type of video and audio I/O required.

Operating in standalone mode, the MicroN can act as a 12×12 router and audio embedder/de-embedder with MADI SRC and delay, and it also provides video frame sync and delay. In a point-to-point deployment, multiple paired MicroN units can provide all of these capabilities plus support for up to 12 bidirectional SDI I/Os, two MADI I/Os, and a Gigabit Ethernet link.

Multiple MicroNs can be integrated as a central video router for redundant processing of up to 192×192 HD-SDI signals, or they can be deployed in a distributed fashion as a decentralized video router. By interconnecting MicroN nodes in a meshed fashion, broadcasters realize a very scalable video routing network that can be used as a replacement for small to medium sized routers. With an inherently flexible system design, this solution allows users to extend both signal capacity and distributed system locations simply by adding MicroN nodes to the network.

Deployed along with MediorNet systems, Riedel’s MicroN gives broadcasters the benefits of a truly integrated solution with built-in routing and processing capabilities. In addition to yielding significant cost savings, solutions built on MediorNet and MicroN allow users to work with all variety of video, from analog and SD to 4K, and audio ranging from analog to AES3/ MADI, or tunneling of any kind of Ethernet traffic. In addition to handling data, comms, and GPIOs, such solutions provide valuable routing capabilities, both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. Taking on the role of embedders, signal generators, quad splits, and other dedicated devices, MicroN devices also reduce or eliminate the need for external boxes. With all of these features and capabilities, MicroN empowers broadcasters to invest in and establish flexible, future-proof fiber-based signal transport solutions.

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