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Direkt Router

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Direkt routers are used for connecting video links, change IP streams between unicast and multicast or to add or remove error correction. Direkt router can be customized with transcoding, multiview and SDI/NDI outputs. It then becomes an advanced receiver with many different areas of use.

Standard Features

  • Receive video streams from a number of different units

  • Multiple output streams on each channel

  • HDMI out for monitoring

  • Easy to configure via display and keypad

  • Can be controlled via web interface over network

  • Settings can be stored in profiles

  • Peak programme meter (PPM) shows if audio is present

  • By connecting a USB storage, Direkt router can record to files

  • ISS – Intinors system for statistics, supervision and troubleshooting

  • Backup settings and upgrade software via web interface or ISS

  • BRT™ (Bifrost Reliable Transport)

  • Web baser router panel

  • VPN

  • SRT