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H-E Analyzers

Video monitors

The Head-End Analyzer product family, which includes Analyzer FLEX and Analyzer OTT H-E, provides head-end teams with real-time insights into all parts of the service.

Analyzer OTT Head-End is designed for deployment in the head-end for assurance of adaptive bitrate streaming services. Its in-depth analysis provides assurance of all levels of the ABR stack: availability of the service, manifest correctness, segment availability, and correctness, as well as the video/audio quality.

The Analyzer OTT Head-End provides at a glance insight into the current and past service performance, detecting issues in IP connectivity and configuration, packetizes, and transcoders. It also supports the leading streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, MS Smooth Streaming, and HDS and validates manifest as well as segments.

With the full stack analysis capabilities of the Analyzer Flex, head-end teams get real-time insights in all parts of the service: from input stream integrity, video and audio content quality, as well as ad-insert and other metadata validation. Analyzer Flex is software-based and can be run in a virtual environment. Efficient management configuration via CLI is possible. Multiple Ethernet interfaces (1/10 GbE), as well as ASI and DVB-S/S2/T/T2C/C2 input cards, are supported.

The Agama Analyzer Flex can-do real-time analysis of up to 1000 streams at a time on IP, RTP, TS and elementary stream level. For detection of black screens, macro blocking, freeze frames and audio silence, the Analyzer supports content level analysis. The Analyzer can do syntax analysis on the following formats: HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2 video, AAC, MPEG-2 Audio and AC-3. All TR290 P1-P3 parameters are available.

The Agama Analyzers have a powerful visualization with dashboards, timelines, and event logs where it is easy to detect errors and drill down to the root cause.

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