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JVC CL-S600 6 Mega Pixel 30″ Color Monitor

Video monitors

Introducing the new JVC CL-S600 6 Mega Pixel 30″ Color Monitor


6MP for multi modality diagnosis: Providing optimal functions for diagnostic viewing such as DR, CT, MRI and pathology, CL-S600 with seamless and wide screen improves your workflow efficiency while reducing eye strain and ensuring space and energy saving. Buy JVC CL-S600 from UBMS Medical.

Dynamic gamma: Color images automatically recognized to provide optimized contrast, brightness and gamma. No user interventions is required Improved visibility: The Turbo Luminance function can boost the brightness and contrast to maximum for 30s to magnify identifiable grayscale gradations, contributing to finding out low contrast lesions. Focus on details: Using Visual Point Mode, you can focus on the detail where you want to see. It can also be used in combination with the Turbo Luminance funcition. Advanced features :

  • Reading Light

  • LED Indicator / Front Buttons

  • Built-in Sensor

  • Space saving

  • Wire management / DisplayPort Daisy Chains

  • DICOM conformance check

نقدم لكم الشاشة الملونة الجديدة JVC CL-S600 6 ميجا بكسل 30 بوصة . توفير الوظائف المثلى للمشاهدة التشخيصية مثل DR و CT و MRI وعلم الأمراض ، يعمل CL-S600 مع شاشة سلسة وعريضة على تحسين كفاءة سير العمل مع تقليل إجهاد العين وضمان المساحة وتوفير الطاقة. اشترِ JVC CL-S600 من UBMS Medical.

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