Tv Rating Analyzer - IABM Single BaM Product

Tv Rating Analyzer - IABM Single BaM Product

TV Rating Analyzer

TV Rating Analyzer


TV rating and analyzing system

Visualise your broadcast audience and turn your viewing statistics into monetary assets easily with XENTAURIX TV Rating Analyzer for broadcasters, media monitoring or advertising agencies. Understanding polling TV statistics from GFK, Nielsen, Gallup, TNS, etc. and how these relate to your broadcast audience is a challenge, especially with flat text import data, non-visual cues and no visual relation to real-time aired programming requires imagination and educated guess work.

View and analyze audience trends XENTAURIX Rating Analyzer releases your polling data (GFK, Nielsen, Gallup, TNS, etc.) cross referencing broadcast programming from all stations and provides graphical representations in ‘true-time’ of what actually happened with your audience. Easily understand your audience viewing trends, did they turn-off or switch over? What age range and demographics were watching? How effective was an advertisers advert? How many viewers were watching?

Monetising and understanding your audience is now easy with XENTAURIX Rating Analyzer. Compare broadcast channels side-by-side with actual broadcast content in ‘true-time’ and easily build visual trending data to share with your advertisers, producers and programme editors to maximise advertising revenue and audience viewership.

Multifunctional Report, individual layouts

In addition to the quota the XentauriX Rating Analyzer also records all TV programs. This means you can analyse why viewers switched over and which influence ads had on the viewer ratings. The user interface is individually adjustable to the user or user groups. You can easily assign several player windows to the TV channels. Every analysis tool can be positioned freely and adjusted in size and background colour.


  • Monetise your audience with ‘true-time’ advertising statistics

  • Easily extract, visualize and produce ‘true-time’ visual graphs

  • Perform competitive analysis in ‘true-time’ side-by-side

  • Store 30+ days programming complete with all metadata (EPG, CC, DVB-Text)

  • 24/7 ‘never-fail’ configuration records every broadcast second

  • Scalable to any number of channels – 1 to 1,000+

  • Supports HD-SDI, IP, DVB and data-stream sources

  • H.264 codecs for exceptional quality


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