Aveco Astra Studio 3 - IABM Single BaM Product

Aveco Astra Studio 3 - IABM Single BaM Product

Aveco ASTRA Studio 3

Aveco ASTRA Studio 3


ASTRA Studio 3 is Aveco’s third-generation news production automation system. It’s a synthesis of years of on air experience working with our users, listening to their needs today and their wants for tomorrow, studying the trends in the industry and understanding the economic demands facing our customers.

ASTRA Studio 3 controls all equipment in the production control room and studio, including graphics, camera robotics, video and audio mixer, video servers, lights, backdrop screens and more. It puts a show on air with maximum impact and minimum staff.

Being the only independent vendor of production automation, Aveco works with all industry manufacturers. This provides customers extreme flexibility in selecting the best-of-breed equipment for each aspect of operations. There’s no need to be tied to any single manufacturer.

ASTRA Studio 3 works with your existing equipment. Aveco has the industry largest library of interfaces, supporting essentially all studio, PCR and MCR hardware and software.

ASTRA Studio 3 is the industry’s only multi-studio production automation system. It not only excels in control of a single studio, but brings many benefits to designs of multi-studio facilities.

A single system can produce independent shows in different studios. It can manage complex multi-studio production scenarios as well as share devices across studios. When production runs long in one studio, a button click reassigns the next rundown to another studio. This moves control of all production switcher settings, graphics, virtual sets, camera robotics, video roll-ins, lighting and audio to the alternate studio.

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