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An end-to-end newsroom platform designed to meet all the challenges that modern newsroom workflows face. This groundbreaking solution allows journalists, editors, and producers to collaboratively plan, create and deliver news. Suitable for all newsroom types and sizes. Provides several advanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive.


  • Independent Rundowns for On-air mode Depending on workflow, users can create On-air Rundowns in automated or manual modes.

  • Convenient and clear history of Rundown changes Users can easily inspect and control any changes in Rundowns.

  • Automatic Versioning Users can save and track the history of previous versions and revert to an earlier version at any time.

  • Advanced Rundown Timing Users can customize the interface having a set of various options including timing information and duration of stories.

  • Story Editing Priority Users with special permissions can intercept Rundown control and Story editing.

  • Embedded Graphics System TitleStation Users can apply various graphic templates and look throw the final version of graphics. Graphics can be aired manually or automatically.

  • Advanced embedded  Cut Editor Users can fast and easily edit in the NewsBase application which provides integration with third-party non-linear editing systems.

  • News Agencies Support News agencies messages are visible to users and can be immediately added to the Rundown.

  • Integration with the A-MAM AutoPlay system Users have access to all AutoPlay features: import, export, video browsing, automation, long-term storage archive, etc. Native integration with Azimuth video servers.

  • End-to-end Rundown Management: from Planning to Archiving

  • Customizable Workflow for a wide range of tasks

  • Floating Licenses for Client Applications

  • Simultaneous Work with text, video and graphics inside the Story

  • MOS Protocol Support

  • User-Friendly Intuitive Interface