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Newsroom production management and automation systems

TUBICON is an ingenious app for live video production, designed for video producers caught between the rising costs of video production and getting their message to the world. Just by using a smartphone users are able to produce and stream live videos to all social media channels in real-time and in HD. This cloud-based app enables content producers and creators from all industries, such as News, Sport and E-Commerce, to use smartphone technology to reach more viewers and grow their business.

TUBICON’s intuitive user interface ensures users an easy access for live production anytime and anywhere. Users can quickly and easily switch live between multiple cameras/smartphones, mix audio, fade in graphics, logos and lower thirds and simultaneously record and stream live in all social media channels. The app warrants a high-quality viewing experience for thousands at a fraction of the usual costs, specially geared to content producers who want to reach more viewers the minute events or news break.

The low latency time for the transmission of the smartphone video signal directly to the cloud-based environment is one of the special functionalities of TUBICON. The latency time from the smartphone to the website, where a preview of the video is presented to the user, is 0.3 seconds worldwide. As far as security is concerned, all control communication and live streaming on Facebook is secured by SSL connections.

The different video and audio streams via smartphones are automatically synchronized with each other in the TUBICON environment, even if the mobile phones are physically separated. With this function it is possible to transmit the video from one and the audio from another smartphone. Transmission delays over the internet are compensated by TUBICON, so that video and sound are played back lip-synchronously. TUBICON can be used directly from any web browser without having to install various extensions.

Furthermore, with TUBICON’s new, soon available virtual studio functionality users are able to create a virtual room and easily insert your protagonist into this virtual reality.

TUBICON represents the beginning of a new era, which will lead us away from rigid, linear television formats and towards a low-cost, digital consumption on the go.

The simplicity of using this low-cost platform to develop low latency content and the intelligent virtual studio makes professional live production available anywhere and anytime. It meets the needs of a new generation of live production for a high-quality viewer experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media production.

As the production of online content will continuously increase in the coming years, TUBICON is the perfect solution for a large number of people to create content on social media platforms in an intelligent and simple but professional way.

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