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IP NOC (Network Operations Center)

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As IP continues to go mainstream for video production, producers have identified key requirements. They’re looking to move away from bulky, expensive hardware to more flexible software and cloud-based solutions as well as more lightweight field gear like bonded cellular backpacks. They need IP streaming solutions that can be incorporated easily into production workflows, with the ability to ingest non-baseband sources.  Broadcast Operations need to be able to use the entire gamut of IP-based protocols, and sometimes several of them during the same production. Likewise, they need fast, frictionless ways to transcode feeds and files into multiple video house formats for asset management and distribution. 

The concept of an IP network operations center (IP-NOC) addresses all of these requirements by bringing together the state of the art in IP-based signal acquisition and cloud-based media asset management (MAM). Driven by these enabling technologies, the IP NOC offers a paradigm shift from traditional broadcast operation centers and satellite trucks to smaller and more nimble transmission gear, cameras, and capture devices.