Capturebox - IABM Single BaM Product

Capturebox - IABM Single BaM Product




CaptureBox allows the capturing of multiple HD and SD content channels from digital HD / SD SDI feeds, analog sources and MPEG transport streams. You can monitor and control four video sources on a single screen via a new simplified user interface. Audio levels can be tracked and modified if necessary as loudness / true-peak displays. Content ingested in CaptureBox can be played within a few seconds of capture. The CaptureBox feature set additionally provides catch-list input from third party traffic systems, including CEA-608/708 closed-captioning support and RS-422 automated VTR control with batch-capture listing.

Universal Ingest: The wide range of inputs offered–composite, component SD / HD SDI, UDP Transport Stream–makes various ingest applications possible Remote control of VTR:RS-422

VTR control by Sony protocol is used to automatically capture batches from tape. With convenient keyboard shortcuts, tape cue, playback and shuttle is quite easy.

Batch and Scheduled Capturing: You can catch video clips from various tapes in one session, sorted by tape ID and upward time code. Once the capture session is started the only operator assistance if requested is to switch the tapes. You can continuously collect content from live sources such as satellite feeds based on a schedule with a single, daily or weekly reoccurrence. Optional router control offers automated input channel transitioning when capturing different channels.

Audio Loudness/True Peak Meters: It is possible to monitor and correct audio VU / peak levels dynamically.

Use While Capturing (TDIR): Before the capture process is complete, ingested clips can be used for immediate editing or playout of AirBox. This is especially useful for sports events or applications for time delay / instant replay.

Multi-channel audio: It is possible to record up to 16 channels.

MS Windows 10 compatible.

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