latakoo Avid Media Composer Integration

latakoo Avid Media Composer Integration

latakoo Avid Media Composer Integration

latakoo Avid Media Composer Integration


Post-Production Automation

Post-production workflows are notably slow and manual, with files being shipped by hard drive  and editors tasked with batch encoding and ingesting files, as well as manually entering custom bin information into their Avid systems. These steps can add days to the production schedule, slowing content creation.

Now, latakoo has created a solution that automates this workflow for teams using Avid Media Composer, shaving days off of the current process.

Automation with MediaComposer

With latakoo, crews on location can send a lightweight proxy file to the editors within minutes of the shoot. With latakoo’s patented compression/upload process, proxy files can be created and quickly uploaded to your private cloud account, for storage and sharing. Metadata associated with the files – such as card number, shoot date, camera ID, project number, or any custom field – can be collected for each group of videos transferred. The metadata form is completely customizable for your project requirements.

After upload, the files are automatically downloaded by latakoo HUB and dropped inside your firewall. All the editors have to do is drag the group of files into the appropriate bin in Avid Media Composer. The files, along with the metadata, automatically populate the Avid bin with the correct information.

And because the proxy files retain their original video ID, relinking the original media is easily achieved.

latakoo is a complete system, so when that first draft is finished, you can easily export it to the cloud for review and approval.

Reclaim Your Time

Imagine saving days off of your current video workflow; automating proxy creation, ingest and metadata into one simple system. It’s possible with latakoo.

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