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Woody in2it

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Woody in2it

Dedicated ingest workstation

  • Highly intuitive web-based UI

  • Browse, preview and select content

  • Locators and subclips creation

  • Custom metadata fields

  • Smart transcoding and rewrapping rules

  • MAM and shared storage integration

Woody in2it server & Woody in2it essentials

Centralized media processing

  • Scalable and redundant architecture

  • Watchfolders

  • API control

  • Web client for direct ingest

  • Woody in2it essentials client: browse and ingest local media

Woody in2it Go

Remote ingest from the field

  • Transfer footage & edited stories to central facility

  • Centralized and remotely managed configuration

  • Local ingest for NLE editing

  • Accelerated transfers

  • IOS and Android app

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