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Hive File Import

Post-production ingest

 Support multiple professional devices, e.g. SxS / XDCAM / P2 / XDS

 All import tasks can be monitored and controlled by Task List window

 Multiple importing modes

 Import all clips on one medium to be one clip in Hive

 Import all clips on one medium to be separated clip in Hive

 Partial importing

 Multi-selection importing

 Support to preview clip(s) before importing on Import Terminal

 Synchronize NRCS planning information and use for importing metadata

 Open to integrate with 3rd party NRCS, e.g. iNews, ENPS and Open Media

(requires custom integration)

 Write NRCS planning information to XDCAM dics to be XMPilot and then all

imported clips are inherited with the XMPilot metadata

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