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Standalone interfacing, signal processing and conversion


Setting up an I/O device have never been this flexible. Connect and control anything from your tally lamps, trigger ATEM switcher routines, control a HyperDeck, change Scopes on a SmartScope Duo and route inputs/outputs on a VideoHub. Defining parameters – single or multiple – for inputs/outputs is extremely fast, thanks to the drop-down menu structure in UniSketch OS. Connect and control up to 8 devices at the same time!

Broadcast I/O easy control or integration with existing systemsBreakout BoardDB25 Connector Configuration

The GPIO controller let you control anything from your tally lamps, a foot switch over ethernet or integration with existing systems such as CCUs, video routing and other video switchers or video infrastructure units. There are almost endless possibilities.

The general-purpose I/O controllers offer 8/16 inputs and 8/16 outputs, all electrically separated with quality relays and optocouplers. GPO is implemented with relays shorting to GND. GPI implemented with optical isolators shorted to GND.

Please notice: SKAARHOJ Controllers with GPI inputs accept open collector and relay outputs (pulled to GND). The default HD15 tally connector on the TriCaster TC1 does not provide a direct working signal to the ETH-GPI Link. Converting the 5V potential to GND is needed.

The DB25 connector configuration is similar to the Blackmagic Design GPI & Tally Interface. If you fancy a breakout board for the DB25 connector with Phoenix connectors then have a look at the Breakout Board.

Device Settings

The ETH-GPI Link runs UniSketch OS which allows you to configure the device for multiple hardware devices such as the ATEM Switcher, HyperDeck, SmartScopes, VideoHubs, AJA KUMO Routers, vMix and more – see the entire list. You can even configure the unit to control multiple hardware devices at the same time! The microprocessor (SKAARDUINO Due) inside the ETH-GPI Link allows connections to a maximum number of 8 devices.

Try and configure a unit for your self at

GPIO 8 channels input. 8 channels output

ETH-GPI Link Features

  • 1 x DB25 Connector Configuration

  • 8 GPO

  • 8 GPI

  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

  • UniSketch OS

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 12.7 x 8 x 2.9 cm

  • Weight 0.215 kg

Dual GPIO 16 channels input. 16 channels output

ETH-GPI Link w. GPI Option Features

  • 2 x DB25 Connector Configuration

  • 16 GPO

  • 16 GPI

  • Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

  • UniSketch OS

Physical Specifications

  • Enclosure Size 12.7 x 8 x 4.9 cm

  • Weight 0.300 kg

UniSketch OS Config Page configure GPI & GPO

A number of default configurations exists for the ETH-GPI Link utilizing various Device Cores. Use any of these if they suit your application or use them as inspiration to build your configuration. As we develop more Device Cores additional default configurations will be added to the ETH-GPI Link.

By entering the UniSketch OS config page for a specific default configuration this is the overview you are presented with. By pressing on either of the In/Out pins the menu will jump to that particular input/output setting. Here you can define actions for almost any of the ATEM parameters, control HyperDeck, SmartScope and VideoHub and more hardware devices – see the overview on Device Cores.

To learn the specific behaviour for GPI and GPO for each parameter we refer to the specific Device Core manuals.

By selecting a action, for instance a ATEM parameter to control, a number of options will appear such as selecting 1ME or 2ME, particular sources and default, Hold Down, Toggle or Cycle behaviour.

Overview of default configurations for the ETH-GPI LinkUniSketch Config Page for ETH-GPI Link

This is a short demo of the UniSketch V2.0 web interface running on a ETH-GPI Link. The purpose of this demo is just to provide examples on how you configure devices in the UniSketch menu.

SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link is the perfect companion for your KUMO router if you wish to set routes and read states with wires! We will show you how its done, how flexible the configuration is – you can even connect to multiple KUMO routers from the same GPI device

Various Use Cases for ETH-GPI Link:

NewTek TriCaster + Blackmagic ATEM get tally from TriCaster in sync with ATEM

How to get tally from a NewTek TriCaster switcher onto a ATEM switcher? The scenario is:

  • Video switching done on TriCaster

  • ATEM Switcher utilized to control cameras (Studio Camera, URSA Mini and URSA Broadcast)

  • ATEM Tally needs to follow TriCaster.

The ETH-GPI Link can help to resolve this, but first please check if the SDI-GPI Link is more suitable for you.

ATEM Tally follow TriCaster Tally – GPI

In this setup the ETH-GPI Link will connect to the ATEM Switcher and set Preview/Program accordingly to the signals it receives on the GPI In.

Use the default config “ATEM Connectivity“.

ATEM Tally follow TriCaster Tally – GPIATEM Tally follow TriCaster Tally – IP

In this setup the ETH-GPI Link will connect to the ATEM Switcher + the TriCaster and via Virtual Hardware Components on the ETH-GPI Link translate Program/Preview states to the ATEM so the two switchers are in sync.

Use the default config “ATEM Tally follow TriCaster Tally“.

ATEM Tally follow TriCaster Tally – IPJoystick Override RCP touchdown via hold groups

By using the “Hold Group” feature found in Device Cores such as Blackmagic ATEM + VideoHub and AJA KUMO Routers, RCP Touchdown function can be used. The Hold Groups feature will fall back to a previous source for a group of triggers using a queue system and finally to the first previous value before any trigger in the group was activated.

Example of using “Hold Group” for AUX routing on BMD ATEM.Example of using “Hold Group” for routing on BMD VideoHubSending GPI over Ethernet and much more!

With the TCP Server + Raw Panel device cores you can network SKAARHOJ controllers in unparallelled ways – not just two controllers but whole groups of them if you please. This video will first demonstrate how you can easily transport a GPI input trigger on an ETH-GPI Link box over network to a relay on another ETH-GPI Link far away with a latency of just 10 ms. And it’s duplex! Then the video moves on to demonstrate how a Tally Box system from SKAARHOJ can quickly be reconfigured to connect to such a ETH-GPI Link box while it’s still also serving tally from an ATEM Switcher. All this is even just scratching the surface of the possibilities.

See details for linking two ETH-GPI Link together here.

Routing Control for Panasonic AW-RP50 & AW-RP120Panasonic AW-RP50 Remote Camera ControllerPanasonic AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller

If you would like to get routing control from the Panasonic AW-RP50 or the AW-RP120 Remote Camera Controller the ETH-GPI Link is the perfect match.

The AW-RP50 and AW-RP120 outputs Tally in a binary format but the ETH-GPI Link can accommodate this with the “In1-4 Binary” GPI In option from the UniSketch OS System.

Please have a look at the section “Triggering Actions from Binary Inputs” in the Installation and Operation Manual to learn more about this feature.

Update January 2019

We now have a Device Core for the AW-RP120/AW-RP150 which can perform routing control without the need of a GPI cable. Check out the manual for the Device Core and the default config: Panasonic AW-RP1xx on the ETH-GPI Link.

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