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The MCC-4K provides exceptional quality frame rate and format conversion for UHD/3G/HD signals. MCC-4K offers support for quad link 3G-SDI of two-Sample Interleaved (2SI) or Square Division (SQD) format as well as single link 12G/6G-SDI and SFP connectivity.

The MCC-4K is an ideal solution for live frame rate conversion applications, where UHD content sourced at a chosen production rate needs to be converted to other frame rates for international contribution and distribution. International sports, concerts, breaking news and current affairs can all be simply and impeccably converted to the desired output format and frame rate.

Key features:

  • Motion compensated conversion from any UHD frame rate to any other UHD frame rate

  • Simultaneous UHD single link 12G/6G and UHD quad link 3G-SDI output

  • Automatic detection of SMPTE ST425-5 (sample interleave input) and ITU-R BT.2020 colorimetry

  • Motion compensated conversion from any 3G/HD-SDI frame rate to any other 3G/HD-SDI frame rate

  • Up-conversion from 3G/HD to UHD

  • Down-conversion UHD to 3G/HD