Harmonic VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform

Harmonic VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform

Harmonic VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform

Harmonic VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform


Harmonic’s VOS®360 Live Streaming Platform leverages the flexibility of cloud infrastructures to meet the demanding and complex requirements of live video streaming. The fully managed solution is cloud-neutral and runs on a wide range of public cloud platforms, efficiently handling all stages of the media processing and delivery chain.

The platform is built around docker containers and microservices using Kubernetes orchestration. It offers a rich API and a range of easy to use features accessible at any time. Live streaming channels are fully managed by Harmonic’s DevOps team to ensure the highest level of availability and reliability.

The VOS360 Live Streaming Platform optimizes live video delivery with flexible and real-time scaling to handle peaks in viewership, which is extremely useful for live sports. The platform uses a range of technologies to dynamically select the best available paths between content delivery networks and caching clusters.

Supporting a range of functionalities, including live and file transcoding, packaging and origin, dynamic real-time CDN selection, targeted advertising, VOD, SVOD, time-shift and network DVR, the VOS360 platform simplifies delivery from source to screen and accelerates time to market for new revenue-generating streaming services. The platform ensures high-quality streaming through exceptional encoding efficiency and by delivering low latency, utilizing advanced compression engines to reduce bandwidth by an average of 50% along with the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Harmonic’s advanced DevOps team guarantees the highest levels of availability and reliability. All IT infrastructures, media processing and delivery applications are always fully functional, with maximum uptime. This takes the guesswork out of system upgrades and enhancements.

 Today, the VOS360 Live Streaming Platform powers millions of simultaneous streams, thousands of live channels, countless VOD requests and hundreds of petabytes of storage and delivery.


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