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Lightspeed Live

Internet/OTT servers and systems

Enterprise-class OTT Streaming:

Superior, scalable, real-time adaptive bit rate encoding for SD, HD and UHD HDR sources into AVC and HEVC. Lightspeed Live Stream can ingest multiple baseband SDI or IP video sources (MPTS, SPTS, RTMP) and encode multiple variants or ABR packages and deploy them to multiple destinations or host the origin.

Easy to Use, Easy to Manage:

Simple, powerful web-based GUI provides complete control over all sources, encoding groups, templates and channel outputs. XML import and export for scalable system deployment. RESTful API for operational control, triggering and status monitoring.

Stream Conditioning for Frame-Accurate Ad-Insertion:

Lightspeed Live Stream will detect SCTE 35/104 and place an IDR (Instantaneous Decoder Refresh) frame at the boundary so that downstream equipment or server-side content replacement and ad insertion can take place seamlessly and cleanly without without requiring re-encoding of the existing stream; improving quality and efficiency. Lightspeed Live will condition your streams for ad-insertion on any output, including HLS, DASH and RTMP.

Screen-Ready Packaging and Delivery:

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG DASH, MP4, and CMAF packaging. Deploy via RTMP, local origin, or distribute to CDNs. Supports DRM and encryption options. Choose the output and delivery options that you need.

Simulcast to Social Media:

Drive a larger audience to your program and boost engagement through leading social media platforms. Lightspeed Live Stream has direct API integration with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and RTMP streaming, for a complete publishing solution.

Automated Workflows, Triggers:

Built in scheduling, playlisting, branding, and event triggering features allow for agile broadcasting and channel deployment. Lightspeed Live recognizes SCTE 35/104 triggers and VANC data to allow for programmatic ad-insertion and content replacement, so you can respect content rights, and monetize more viewing windows. With our new IDR stream conditioning technology, you can be sure that all downstream content replacement and ad insertion will always begin on a full frame and be clean and seamless across all variants.

Unified Live and File-based Workflow:

Lightspeed Live Stream can be combined with Lightspeed Live Capture to record the highest-quality mezzanine files for delivery into file-based workflows. When coupled with our world-leading media processing platform, Vantage, your content can be seamlessly and efficiently conditioned (ads removed, content added, bumpers, branding, captioning, etc.) and delivered to any viewing window, with complete, end-to-end automation.

NEW! Support for Avid Interplay Check-in:

Lightspeed Live Capture allows you to check your captured assets (even if they’re still capturing) directly into Avid or Adobe-based NLE systems. Whether your editors are using Interplay or just Media Composer or Adobe CS, they can grab growing files captured by Lightspeed Live Capture and begin editing right away. No need to wait, no need to change your post-production workflow.

Growing File Record for Open Workflows

Record any source into growing files for instant, ongoing delivery to any production or processing workflow. Record and share edit-ready formats with Avid Media Central, Avid Interplay, Adobe Premiere, Switch, Vantage Social Media Connector, Apple Final Cut Pro and more. Lower turnaround times for clips, highlights or promo packages in live and post-production environments.

NEW! Compatibility with Aspera Faspex file transfer service allows you to capture growing files on-site and work on them remotely over unmanaged networks in real-time.

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