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4K Remastering, Upconversion & Restoration

Content management and preparation services

PFT offers the Academy® Award winning Lowry Digital technology — one of the finest tools in the world for Remastering, Upconversion and Restoration. This unique technology helps content owners re-purpose their legacy content for high resolution viewing across all devices — VoD, OTT and traditional linear television broadcasting up to 4K-UHD. Using complex algorithms based on motion estimation, the ‘Lowry Process’ effectively reduces visual noise in motion pictures. This makes it possible to carry out other forms of restoration on the content, such as removing dirt and scratches, reducing flickers, replacing lost details and sharpening the quality of the existing images. It is the only process in the world to offer control of grain (noise) as well as sharpness. To date, more than five hundred classic films have been restored and preserved for posterity using Lowry Digital technology, including Singin’ in the Rain, Star Wars Trilogy, Casablanca, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Simpsons, and the James Bond film franchise, to name just a few.

Lowry Digital Offerings

 Software solutions — The proprietary ‘Lowry Process’, may be used for: o Upconversion to HD and 4K-UHD o Image enhancement o Noise Reduction o SD to HD o HD to UHD o De-interlacing o Analog video artifact removal o Frame-rate conversions o Converting 4:3 SD source to 16:9 full frame HD image  Hardware solutions o Alchemist, Tachyon  A fully accessible and integrated cloud-based asset management delivery system  Archival scanners (scans @ 2.7 fps – 4 fps)  Commercial scanners (scans @ 12 fps – 24 fps)  Shot-by-Shot Pan & Scan facilities  Transform all physical video tapes to digital (VHS, Digibeta, 1″, 2″, U-matic and other formats)  Transform all physical audio tapes to digital (Spools, cassettes and 78 RPM Records amongst other formats)  A color grading setup at the client’s doorstep  Restoration capabilities to tackle nagging errors present in content  Custom filters for scaling images that use spatial frames to fill in details and re-interpolate to avoid aliasing (jaggy lines or ringing)  A dedicated Research & Development (R&D) department for image & video signal processing  Experience of more than 8 years in large scale restoration and enhancement of content from SD to 4K resolution

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