X Pert Content Replicator - IABM Single BaM Product

X Pert Content Replicator - IABM Single BaM Product

X-Pert Content Replicator

X-Pert Content Replicator


X-Pert Content Replicator is designed with automated content management in mind. Get the stock of your content on multiple local playout servers and make the content replication comfortably and safely.

Transfer your content safely

You can control the transfer process and eliminate broken replicated files. Thus, you will deliver a stable playout. We use real-time checks during the content replication, and if there is any problematic content, it wouldn’t be moved to all “healthy” files.

Keep your local servers clean

The application helps you organize your workflow and keep only the files you need on the local playout servers. In other words, you can use the available removal options to delete all unnecessary files on the local server(s). Of course, our product generates log files. You can use them anytime to find full information on each file transfer or content removal.

Transfer from multiple sources to multiple playout servers 

You can simply point to your source(s) and local server(s), and X-Pert Content Replicator will replicate your files. Moreover, you can add separate folders as different sources.

Automated transfer of recently added files

It can gather content from several sources automatically when new content is available at any of the remote locations. As follows, all your content will be up-to-date.

Playlist transfer

You have the option to transfer a playlist and all files included in it. Additionally, you are able to replicate your daily playlists for a specific number of days.

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