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Archiving Services

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A fully secure, no risk and easy-to-access method of storing priceless content on the Cloud, during production and/or post-production. Our intelligent Cloud-based archival solution enables content owners to make heuristic searches across their archive quickly and efficiently. Here’s what we offer:  Heuristic search and intelligence capabilities  Diverse options for storage of multiple copies: o One + One archive storage: One copy in a latest, secure enterprise LTO vault solution, which is always online and available in real-time. A second LTO copy is stored at an earthquake and fire proof Disaster Recovery (DR) location such as Iron Mountain, located in a different seismic zone

One + One + One archive storage: Two concurrent copies saved in two different LTO tape libraries which use hardware from different vendors to ensure extra security. A third copy is stored at a DR location o An additional copy can also be stored in an online disk-based storage system controlled by a customizable set of rules. This ensures quickest possible retrieval time  The CLEARTM Advantage: o Manages multiple copies of stored content and helps retrieve the quickest accessible copy, saving valuable time o Enables users to digitally deliver retrieved content to a chosen location based on workflow rules o Provides specialized archival functionality for multiple formats, as well as asset related essences such as dubbed audio and mezzanine files o PrimeAssureTM: A unique algorithm within CLEARTM provides Archive Assurance o Offers a hierarchical archiving system, where any content which is unused for a certain time period goes into a deep archive o Integrates with third-party systems (such as Oracle DIVArchive) to enable a seamless and efficient archiving workflow  Secure deep archive infrastructure: Peta-bytes of storage in temperature controlled, robotic tape libraries for long term storage  Immediate notifications for customers via email to confirm receipt of content  Support for time-based restore: Restored content is deleted once the client has taken a copy