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QC Services

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PFT provides stringent, multi-pass QC. We undertake QC not just
for adherence to technical specs, but also to regulatory guidelines
(like a broadcaster’s S & P) as well as the identification of creative
glitches (like a boom mic showing in a frame). Here’s what we
Manual and automated file based QC analysis under the
following categories:
 HD/UHD Master QC: A thorough technical evaluation of movies, scripted dramas/comedies, non-fiction series, documentaries etc. Often involves re-QC and re-delivery of rectified versions.
 IMF/4K Master QC: Rigorous QC, involving the use of software like Clipster, Colorfront and Transkoder.
 Third Party QC (HD/UHD/IMF): Part of the mastering process for high value content, this involves double checking the QC done by a primary vendor.
 7.1 Complex Audio QC – Audio QC for theatrical and premium broadcast/OTT platforms. Often offered in parallel with UHD/IMF Master QC.
 Acquisition QC – QC for long form content that has already been through Master QC.
 Audio Asset QC - Audio QC of multiple audio stems, typically synchronized with a picture master. Involves delivery of mixes in multiple configurations (7.1, 5.1, 2.0), M&E, dialog, music, effects stems etc.
 Master Asset/Image Sequence QC – Involves restoring Master DI image sequences like DPX/EXR and Cinema DCDM TIFF sequences from drives or LTO tapes, screening content and verifying check sums.
 Library / Catalog QC – QC for general quality and technical attributes of legacy content, typically performed as part of migration, restoration or redistribution projects.
 Spot QC – Spot check of content at 3-5 different points. Typically involves checking a minute at beginning, middle and end; along with verification of slate and file metadata.
 Watch Down QC – Involves a linear watch down of content from start to end, only stopping to list major issues. Typically performed as a precaution on content which has already been through QC in the past.