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ATEM GPI & Tally Inteface Breakout Board

Standalone interfacing, signal processing and conversion

Depending on your tally lamps specifications you can optionally connect a power supply an have power distributed to the 8 output connectors.


  • Designed for Blackmagic-Designs GPI/Tally box

  • Works perfect with the SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link

  • Sturdy Phoenix connectors for both inputs and outputs

  • DC plug (2.1×5.5, BMD compatible) for external power (routed to GPO connectors)

  • Test LED for GPO1 (jumper activated)

  • Test button for GPI1

Features it’s almost just connectors

The ATEM GPI & Tally Interface provides and easy interface for individual tally lamps to your ATEM infrastructure. The module is essentially a set of solid connector headers which makes it easy to plug in and out each tally lamp on the set. Use it for the ATEM GPI & Tally Interface or the SKAARHOJ ETH-GPI Link Series.

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