Hero 4k Playout 3 - IABM Single BaM Product

Hero 4k Playout 3 - IABM Single BaM Product




Hero 4K playout is designed for 24/7 automated video/live playout. Automated design allows scheduling live events from different source and durations.

Its easy-to-use interface designed for both monitoring and managing playout operation. Operators can easily manage daily and backup playlists. Customized playlist transfer tool could adopt any equipment and system. In the user interface, operators can preview audio & video live source before playout.

Hero Playout also supports multi layer image logo, text title and ticker. This self-developed system can integrate with main stream broadcasting equipment.

Hero Playout could be perfectly integrated with Hero Scheduling as an efficient media Channel in Box system.


◎  Support 4K/HD /SD playout.

◎  Compatible with AJA / Blackmagic capture card.

◎  SDI output.

◎  Format: MP4, MPEG2, MXF, GXF, AVI, H.264, H.265.

◎  Audio sample rate: 48K / 44.1K.

◎  Optional 1CH or more Live input.

◎  Support 6 logo overlay, 2 titles and 2 tickers simultaneously.

◎  Support multi files of Targa and PNG.

◎  Support Timecode RP188-VITC-LTC

◎  Support  Audio codec: AAC / MPG1 &2

◎  Support GPI/ Cue ton


◎  Support LOOP / 24HR playlist, seamless playout mechanism.

◎  Can appoint real time for playout, complete 24HR playlist is not necessary.

◎  Preview window for next clip.

◎  Can swap program or Ad while broadcasting.

◎  Support “back-up playlist” in case video not exist.

◎  Support pre-download function; download required video to local HDD from video archive base on daily playlist.

◎  Support remote playout function; when video not in local HDD, system will play the video in video archive.

◎  Support auto-delete function; while local HDD is full, system will check the oldest video is not in daily playlist and delete it,

◎  Can connect to video archive for metadata, ex: program, episode, ID, length, SOM, in/out point.

◎  When the file/ subtitle/ logo in archive is updated, playout system can detect and update automatically.

◎  Warming area for video not existing, click warming area to edit the warming program.

◎  6 logo and 2 program titles overlay simultaneously, manual or scheduled control every logo/title.

◎  24Hour ticker schedule.

◎  Can edit font, size, location, color of title/ ticker

◎  Audio volume control bar.

◎  Playout log, including playlist load time/start time/ end time/ every clip playing time

◎  Video log, recording auto-download and delete every clip.

◎  System log, including 1. AS run log 2. System debug log

◎  Integrated with 3rd party routing switcher

◎  English/ Traditional Chinese user interface.

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